Sparkinov Open Innovation

A New Environment For R&D

Innovation Is Seeing What Everybody Has Seen And doing what nobody has thought!

A problem which was created cannot be solved at the same level, one has to raise above to find a solution.

Innovation paves way for a boundless vortex of ideas; creative, unique, distinctive and intellectually stimulating. We don’t believe in an inclusive system, but rather believe that to find innovation we must reach outwards in, seeking talented and passionate visionaries willing to expand the very boundaries of conceptual thought.

Sparkinov is one of a kind Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing platform which enables Government, Large Corporate, Academia to host the Business, Science and Technology challenges and  Startups and Individual innovators to Solve, design and innovate the solution in following areas and other Sectors, around market opportunities.


Climate change




Child Safety

Rise To The Top​

We guarantee a smooth running end-to-end solution strategy with Startups’ creativity and agility under the direction of established Partners and Mentors.

Count On Us​

Our open innovation network model creates powerful synergies between Problem Solvers and Problem owners with a uniquely iterative, and effective by identifying technical and commercial feasibility along the way.

We partner with companies on development, refinement and commercialization to provide winning solutions that are valuable, scalable and practical to implement

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